Normal Skin

Normal skin is characterised by an optimal balance between moisture and sebum production, and it has a smooth texture, barely visible pores and an even-looking complexion. Cosmetic products are formulated to preserve this balance, providing light hydration and antioxidant protection.


Maintaining natural well-being

Preserve your skin's natural beauty with the right products that get rid of bacteria gently but leave your skin soft and radiant.

Yellow Clay Mask

Solid face mask for normal and sensitive skins

13,00 €
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Vitality and radiance

For glowing, fresh skin: keep your skin in perfect balance and preserve its beauty with the selection of products by Terme di Sirmione - Cosmetics Institute.

HA Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid facial serum

39,00 €
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Your gentle cleansing

Cleanse the skin in one easy step with the mousse by Terme di Sirmione - Cosmetics Institute.

Sensitive Cleansing Mousse

Facial cleansing and make-up remover mousse

14,00 €
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Your best ally: Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water

Here are some answers to your questions and interest about the effectiveness of our products and the benefits of our water.

What are the benefits of the Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water?
The Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water is sulphurous salsobromoiodic: this term is the key to the healing and beauty properties of the thermal water, which stimulates the immune system, clears the respiratory tract and moisturises.
Can normal skin turn dry?

Yes. When a person with normal skin ages, it tends to become drier.

How can I tell if I have normal skin?

Recognising whether you have normal skin requires a little observation and understanding of skin characteristics. First of all, the skin must be hydrated and the pores visible but not enlarged, with an even-looking texture and no redness. In addition, normal skin looks glowing and radiant, with no signs of dullness or fatigue.

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