Acqua di Sirmione®

One pack contains 1 atomising spray dispenser and 6 x 15 ml vials of Acqua di Sirmione®


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Acqua di Sirmione can be used by adults, children, the elderly and pregnant women, and is particularly indicated and recommended in the following cases:

– To clear a stuffy nose: thanks to its mucolytic and disostructive action, Acqua di Sirmione helps to clear the nasal cavities and naturally counteracts a stuffy nose.

– To prevent nasal infections: when used daily, Acqua di Sirmione helps get rid of viruses and bacteria that attack our nasal mucosa, helping to prevent nasal infections.

– To assist the treatment of allergic rhinitis: when used daily, Acqua di Sirmione helps to tackle the pollen and allergens that attack our immune system

Efficace Effective
Tollerabile e sicura Tolerable and safe
Formulazione unica in natura Unique formulation in nature
4 actions, one solution

Thanks to the combined effect of its 4 actions, Acqua di Sirmione helps to naturally counteract a stuffy nose and fights irritation of the nasal mucosa, eliminating viruses and bacteria.

1. Mucolytic action: loosens mucus
Containing sulphur, which results in a better mucolytic action, making Acqua di Sirmione effective in dissolving excess mucus in the case of abundant secretions.

2. Detoxifying action: clears the nose
Acqua di Sirmione helps get rid of dust, pollen and allergens by keeping the nose clear and naturally counteracting a “stuffy nose”.

3. Moisturising action: hydrates the mucosa
Thanks to its moisturising action, Acqua di Sirmione leaves the nasal mucosa cleansed, preventing dryness and lowering the risk of irritation.

4. Antiseptic action: eliminates viruses and bacteria
The antiseptic action of Acqua di Sirmione helps eliminate the viruses and bacteria that attack our nasal mucosa daily.

How to use

1. Remove the screw cap at the time of use
2. Pierce the protective seal with the atomiser and screw it onto the bottle
3. Slightly tilt your head backwards
4. Gently insert the nasal nozzle into your nostril
5. Spray 5 to 10 times per nostril
6. Inhale deeply through your nose to facilitate the penetration and absorption of the product
7. Repeat for the other nostril
8. Wait about a minute before gently blowing your nose to help remove the phlegm

Important: this process can be carried out several times a day. For the best benefit, it is advisable to use the entire contents of a vial during the same day. Using the nebuliser allows abundant hydration and dilution of the catarrhal secretions even in the deepest areas of the nose and throat.

Shipments and returns

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To exercise the right to cancel, the user must use the standard withdrawal form (“Withdrawal Form”) made available to them on the website at the link and attached to the order confirmation email. Alternatively, you may send a registered letter to Terme di Sirmione S.p.A. Piazza Virgilio, 1 – 25019 Colombare di Sirmione (BS) to the attention of the Product Office, indicating your personal details, and the order number and date, as well as the products to be cancelled, and stating as the subject: “order withdrawal no…. – of dd/mm/yy”.

Water, the origin of well-being

Our water is classified as mineral water, bacteriologically pure and hyperthermal, because it gushes out at a temperature of 69°C. It combines the properties of sulphurous waters with those of bromine and iodine-salt waters, imparting therapeutic actions that bring physiological well-being to the entire organism.

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Your best ally: Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water

Here are some answers to your questions and interest about the effectiveness of our products and the benefits of our water.

What are the benefits of the Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water?
The Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water is sulphurous salsobromoiodic: this term is the key to the healing and beauty properties of the thermal water, which stimulates the immune system, clears the respiratory tract and moisturises.
I often have respiratory problems: what can I do?
The particular concentration of sulphur and trace elements in our sulphurous salso-bromo-iodine thermal water makes inhalation cures and pulmonary ventilation therapies indicated for the treatment of respiratory pathologies both otorhinolaryngological (sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngolaryngitis) and bronchopneumological (bronchiectasis, bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis). Thanks to their effectiveness in defending and improving breathing, they are also excellent for the prevention of major airway disorders such as stuffy nose and hoarse voice.
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The perfection of nature meets the dedication of science: discover the properties and benefits of Terme di Sirmione Thermal Water in our cosmetics line

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